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You probably hear, and read a lot about just how important your brand is. And there are many reasons for it. Many reasons that I’ve blogged about before, not to mention chatted through on lives or on my social media feed. But one that might have slipped under the radar, is the way your brand can work for you, if you get it right, of course. So that’s what I wanted to speak to you about with this post, why your brand is your shop window.

This is something that I always stress to my clients, and a mindset which I feel everyone needs to adopt when it comes to creating their branding. It’s why you can’t rush the process. The more you build the foundations, the more considered the ‘window display’ if you like, the more chance you’ll have when it comes to cutting through and standing out from the competition. If you rush it, it just won’t feel right to your audience, and you’ll risk your ideal clients just walking on by, oblivious to how you can help them. And none of us want that.

But if you do start to position your brand differently in your mind, invest the time and effort into it, and get it right, you won’t look back, trust me. Everything will just start to get that little bit easier. Why? Well let’s get into it…



I used to work in a 9-5, and the day I left that world behind was the best day of my entrepreneurial journey so far. 100%. I’d been balancing the two for a while so I know how hard that can be, but the day I finally decided to just go for it, was a real breakthrough moment for me. I was committed, I was fully invested with nowhere to hide and I had to make it happen.

I love that challenge. I love meeting ambitious female entrepreneurs, and I love being inspired by you all day in, day out. I also love that everything I do, every decision I make, is pushing me forwards, towards my goals. My hard work, my effort and my energy is driving me towards where I wanna’ be. I’m not doing it for anyone else, just like you.

But that comes with its own challenges. Why? Because as entrepreneurs, we live our brands 24/7. There’s no switching off. It might be going above and beyond for a client, or developing new strategies and ideas to scale our businesses, let alone attracting and converting new clients. It’s full on, and we all need help, which is where our brand can come in.

If we get it right, it can do a lot of the heavy lifting for us. If it is targeted at our ideal clients and it feels authentic and natural, like an extension of us, it can do 80 or 90% (yeah that’s right), of the selling for us, enabling us to work our magic on our ideal clients.



So what do I mean when I say heavy lifting. Well, your brand is the first point of contact for your clients. Imagine Instagram, or Google is your local high street, then imagine your brand is one of the shops along it. What’s going to make you, or your ideal client go into that shop, versus another one across the road?

It might be the name, or the logo, or the way it looks. And it might, in fact, it probably will be the fact that it speaks directly to you. Because you are the target audience. You like what you see, you’re hooked in, so you go inside to take a look around. All of that is the brand. And that’s why it’s so important to get it right.

And at the end of the day, social media is no different. It you get it right it will cut through the noise of all the other posts from friends, family, celebrities and other brands. It will stop the scroll. It will grab people’s attention and make them start to like you before they even meet you.



Every successful brand has the person behind right it at its heart. Why? Because as I said above we live our brand every day. We want it to feel natural, and what better way to do that than by making it an extension of us.

It helps us to build our reputation, positioning us as experts in our field and getting us to the front of our ideal client’s minds. So while you represent it every time you go live or meet someone, your brand has to be the digital representation of you. That’s the only way to make sure everything syncs up. The only way to ensure that consistency is always there.

And why do you need consistency? Well, as I consistently say, you need to get on point across every touchpoint. Why? Because your audience need to see you across all of those touch points in order to know, like and trust you. That’s the only way your brand will do 80-90% of the selling for you. If the consistency isn’t there, your audience will pick up on it guaranteed.

So there you have it, 3 reasons why your brand is your shop window. But before I sign off this post, I just want to leave you with a few thoughts. Now, while the perfect brand will do a lot of the work for you, what you should never do is underestimate the importance of that last 10-20%. The importance of you. You are the face, the voice, the talent and the passion. So you have to show up, own it and bring the energy every day.

Yeah, the shop window will bring people in, but you have to live up to what they’ve seen so far. You must be consistent and back yourself. Be confident, remember why you’re here, and remember that you’re the reason you’re here. Believe in you. Back yourself and build a brand that works for you. Do that, and every day you’ll be closer to where you wanna’ be.



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