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Today I want to talk to you all about your messaging. And more specifically about why you have to absolutely nail it. It’s one of the key things that I see so many entrepreneurs overlook when they’re starting out in business. They think “all I need is a logo and a website, or a Facebook page, and I’m set.” Let me tell you they’re wrong. Well, they’re wrong if they want to be successful anyway. But I’m just going to drop the mic on that note (that would be a VERY short blog). No, today I want to give you 5 reasons why nailing your messaging filter is key to being successful.

But before we get into why it’s key to success, we need to know what the hell it is, right? Your messaging filter is the thing, the lens, the filter (obvs) through which you put all of your content. And when I say all, I mean all. From your social posts to your emails, your website and what you talk about in your lives, it all needs to be on brand, and on message. And it doesn’t stop there. Even your brand photography, the visuals you share on social and the way you carry yourself convey your message to your audience. And your messaging filter is the umbrella that brings it all together.

So what does that mean for your business? Take me for example. I’m all about putting the YOU in YOUR brand. My message to the world, and my mission is that to be successful we need to show up as ourselves. We need to be the true us, every day, because that is what makes us unique. Because we are all our superpower. That is my key message. The thing I’m known for, and want to be known for. And that’s why everything I do, every live, every email, every page on my website and every photoshoot has to communicate that. I mean, I can’t talk about that and then not embrace my face or hide can I? Talk about hypocritical. 

You don’t have to only have one message either. There can be other things that ladder up and tie into that main message. Yeah, I have my main message but then I also stand for collaboration over competition. So I talk about that message. I make sure that I show up to talk about the power of female entrepreneurs working together, rather than slating a competitor. I also stand for the idea of empowering women from any background to build a life they love. I mean, if I can do it, so can anyone else. 

Locking that down, and using it every day is absolutely crucial. So that’s the what, now let’s focus on the why…


Firstly, your messaging filter is at the heart of what you become known for. If everything you do goes through it, it has to, right? It’s got to be something you believe in. Something you are ready and willing to show up for every single day.

Because when we talk about being the go-to expert for something, your messaging filter is what defines the something. So when a potential ideal client is looking into what they want, or what they need, or who they need they will know almost instantly that you are the person for them. 

They’ll listen to your lives, check out your social, visit your website, and if you’re message is on-point there’s a good chance they’ll book.



There are probably a lot of people doing what you do. Offering what you do. So you have to find a way to stand out. A way to connect with your potential audience and make them go ‘hell yeah,’ she’s the one for me.

By creating a messaging filter that makes sure everything looks, feels and sounds like you and adds value you will be able to do just that. Because we are all unique and we all have different knowledge, different skills and different expertise. Using that to shape your messaging filter will ensure you build a brand that’s as individual as you.


This is huge, because being consistent is huge. There’s always a danger as entrepreneurs that we can want to try lots of different things. That we can worry something isn’t working and feel the need to change it.

And I think that stems a lot from our love of ideas, and potential. That buzz and anticipation you get when you have a killer idea. Well, that and the fact that sometimes if you can feel quite isolated and lost – especially if you’re having a bad day. Those limiting beliefs can make us question everything.

But with a clear messaging filter we can sense check everything against it. Should I say this? Is this on-brand? Is this aligned to my message? If the answer isn’t yes, then it’s not right. 

If the answer is yes, just go for it.



Your message should speak to your ideal client. You should stand for something that they do too. Or at least something that appeals to who they are as people. The same is true about your secondary messages too.

Why? Because immediately it gives you common ground. It gives you a shared experience to build on. An instant connection where they go ‘oooh, she thinks the same way I do.’ I’d like to know more about her…

So then maybe they check out your social, maybe they follow you or watch a live or two. Or maybe they visit your website. But the more they see, the more of those secondary messages they hear, the more they want to work with you. 

The more they think, ‘Oh my god, I HAVE to work with her.’ And that is where they go from potential clients to paying customers. Winner, winner. 


We’re all super busy, right? We all have a million and one things to think about, right? I get that. And I know how hard it can be to spin all of those plates at once. But what if, every morning when that alarm goes off, you knew exactly what you needed to do? Exactly what you needed to talk about and how to do it?

That sounds pretty good, right? Well that’s exactly what your message, and your messaging filter can do for you. Because once you have it, you’re happy with it, and it’s super clear, you can roll it out across every touchpoint. You can make sure that everything you do aligns to it.

And what’s even better, is the fact that because it becomes the thing you’re known for, it can start to work for you too. People start to recognise you as the go-to expert. People in your business network will start to say, Oh, if you want XXXXX, then she’s THE person for you. You HAVE to work with her.’ Beyond that, your audience will recommend you to their friends, and their contacts. ‘Look what she did for me, I loved working with her, and she nailed XXXXXX.’ 

So suddenly, that message, that filter you’ve created starts to fuel the oldest form of marketing – word of mouth. And personal recommendations, from other experts, or clients are a powerful, powerful thing.

And that, as they say, is that, my 5 reasons why nailing your messaging filter is key to being successful. It’s not something you should neglect or rush, it’s something to craft and refine because it will underpin everything you do in your business.

If you would like any help nailing your message, or working out how your messaging filter can help you and your brand I’d love to work with you to make that happen.

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