By now I’m sure you’ve read or listened to me talking about all the things your branding stands for. But I’m going to say it again, just to be sure! The visuals are just one part of it – it’s so much more than a logo, or the look of your website. We’re talking about how you appear to your ideal client and how you engage with them, all of which starts your brand mission statement.

That’s your brand essence and it’s so important, because everything else builds from there. When you know the statement, you’ll find your niche. And when you find your niche, you’ll have your USP, the thing that makes you different to anyone else in your sector. And after that? Well, that’s simple, you’ll be ready to build a unique, distinctive brand that your ideal client knows, loves and trusts.


So, let’s break it down. Your brand mission statement is one sentence and it’s pretty similar to an elevator pitch.

It’s snappy, punchy, and should give your ideal client a clear understanding of who you are, what you’re all about and how you can help them.

Think of it as your brand’s inner mantra. Something which you can refer to and use as a filter whenever your producing work, creating social posts, blogging, doing live video, or engaging with your ideal client.

Remember, consistency is key when it comes to successful branding, and your message needs to be the same across every touch points – yes, all twenty one of them!


It’s all about defining what sets you apart and makes you different from your competitors.

For example, say you’re a wedding planner, organizing luxury weddings. There are plenty of other planners, who’ve been doing it for years, and are now your direct competition. So how are you going to stand out? How will you make your ideal client book with you instead?

Start by thinking about what you want to say to your ideal client. Try to summarise what you do in a sentence, so being clear and concise is crucial. To give you a little example, here’s my brand mission statement for Branding by Nicki:

From this, anyone reading it and of course my ideal clients are included in that, know exactly what I do. They know my style, and that I’m going to bring something new because I say modern and contemporary. They know I focus on delivering services for female entrepreneurs. And they know I want to help other ambitious entrepreneurs make it happen for their business.

The what: A design studio

The how: that creates modern and contemporary designs

The who: For female entrepreneurs

The why: They want to make it happen in their business.

You don’t have to get it right first time, in fact you should refine it until you’re 100% happy because it’s so important to understand and craft something unique to you. It’s this mission statement that makes your business completely accessible and understandable for your ideal client, not to mention being the foundation for how you speak to them across every touch point.

Get it right, and everything you do from that point forward will be in tune, which is guaranteed to set you apart. Give it a go, and feel free to share your own brand mission statements in the comments below, I always love to hear from ambitious female entrepreneurs.

Nicki x

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