Hello again! I hope you’re having another amazing week? With this little post I want to chat to you all things brand launch. This is one of THE most exciting times of owning your own business, but it can also be pretty nerve-wracking and stressful, until now I hope!

Whether you’re launching for the first time, rebranding or just had a little brand facelift, making sure the world knows about it is such an important part of the branding journey. I mean there’s no point spending all that time and money creating amazing branding if no-one knows about it, let alone sees it.

Rather than writing the longest post in the world, I decided to split this action plan across two blogs, so you can easily dip in and out to get the information that’s relevant whichever stage of the launch you’re at.


Now I’m going to be honest here, for me, hype is such an overused word in the modern world, but when it comes to launching your business it’s super relevant. So how do you create this hype I hear you ask? Well, first of all you need a date. A lot of people put things off or say next week, especially if they’re still balancing a 9-5 as well, but the truth is, that never gets you anywhere. You need to be bold, and believe in your idea and your ability. So give yourself that hard launch date, and use the deadline to make it happen.

So when you have your date, what’s next? Well then you need to let people know something exciting is around the corner. Build the buzz and shout about your brand to get noticed and build your following before your actual launch day. Those existing followers and likes will help you spread the word on the day, and beyond.

Now obviously your own social channels are a great way to get the word out there, but it can be hard to create momentum and get those follower numbers up when you’re starting from scratch. So I would always recommend checking out Facebook groups for entrepreneurs. There are lots to choose from, and that community of inspirational ladies can be a massive help, especially when some of them will already be established in the field you’re in.

Another key way to create a buzz is by targeting and contacting influencers and established members of your chosen industry. Their networks will be so developed that if they talk about you and your business you’ll create incredible momentum in the buildup to your launch.


Once you’ve targeted influencers in your specific field, you need to define what is the best way for you to introduce yourself to your industry. For me, I felt as a branding designer, a launch box was the perfect way to do it, but if you’re a wedding planner, a florist or a makeup artist, there may be a bigger experience you can offer people that really makes everyone take notice. It’s also a great way to build a network of industry contacts to help you secure those all-important orders and referrals.

So there you have all things pre-launch. Stay tuned for part 2, which will focus on the big day, and the days after. Put it all together and hopefully you’ll have an action plan to turn your business launch into a launch pad for future success.


Nicki x

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