Multi 6-Figure Personal Brand Strategist and Messaging Expert and Best-Selling Author Trusted By Six, Seven And Eight Figure Business Leaders

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who is nicki

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An industry leader and champion of women being seen and heard in all walks of life, Nicki has over 10 years experience in business, coaching, design and branding and has helped thousands of women to step into their next level brand so they can leverage their superpower and supercharge their visibility, credibility and authority to get bigger results.

Nicki has a huge network of influential and trailblazing clients who are implementing her strategies and coaching every day to run 6, 7 and 8 figure businesses around the world, creating the lives and impact they dream of.

The CEO of I Am Nicki James, she is an acclaimed speaker, sharing the stage alongside the likes of Google, and has been featured in publications including Stylist, Metro, Grazia, Woman Magazine and Authority Magazine. She is also a bestselling author, with a second book in the works, and launched a Top 10 podcast cementing her position as the go-to expert in her field.

over a hundred extra high ticket leads

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Business Mentor, Positive Psychologist MSc, Hay House Author, Founder of Unstoppable Success and Positive Psychology Coach Academy Certification.

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"If you're a leader who wants to raise your credibility, increase your authority, and make more money, you're going to want to work with Nicki.

Within the first month of launch, we generated 100+ extra high ticket leads, and tens of thousands of dollars in sales from people buying directly from the website without needing a conversation, sales calls, or DM's!"

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Specialist topics:

• How To Build An Iconic Brand & Become Unstoppable
• How To Create Magnetic Messaging That Makes You Non-Negotiable
• What Is The True Meaning Of A Personal Brand
• How To Use Your Brand To Achieve The Impact That You Desire
• Why Everyone Deserves The Right To Be Seen And Heard

EXAMPLE questions:

(Nicki's an open book, but here's some cheeky inspo for your Q&A)
• How do you create a brand that truly feels like all that you are?
• Do I need to have a different persona for business and my personal life?
• How do I create magnetic messaging for my brand?
• I don't feel like I have a story to tell, how can I build connections with my audience
• When do you know it's time for a rebrand? What are the things you need to look out for?
• If you feel like you've hit a ceiling in your business, how do you break through it to get to that next level of success?
• What should my goals be in business? What does success mean?
• Your business grew rapidly, making your first 6 figures in less than 9 months, what is your secret to success?
• You didn't have an easy childhood growing up and felt silenced a lot, how did you overcome that to be successful in business?

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