So you’ve got the idea for your business, exciting right? The plans, the strategy, the hard work is all coming together, it’s going to be amazing, so all you need now is a logo, right? WRONG! And I’m going to tell you why your branding is so much more than a logo.

Now, first things first, I’m not saying, and I will never say, that logos aren’t super important. They are! But they need the support of some kick ass branding. From your colour choices, to your message and your tone of voice, everything you put out there has to be in tune. You’re talking to your ideal client with every individual element so your branding has to be on point to keep the message consistent and build that all important loyalty. I wanted to break down the key points to help you make it happen!


A lot of people think their logo IS their brand. But in reality, it’s just one element, and more importantly it’s the entry point for your ideal client. Your logo won’t magically make your business take off or solve every problem you may think you have, but it will boost recognition and capture your ideal client’s attention – getting them intrigued about who you are and what you do.

They want to know your story and what you stand for, and that’s when the colours, images and the way you speak to them makes all the difference. Consistency is key and by thinking through your brand at every touch point you use – from social media, to your website and delivering your services, you’ll create the launchpad for a successful business.


You can have the best logo in the world, but without using it correctly and building it into your story – and your brand’s story, it will get lost in all the noise. If you nail it, you’ll stand out from your competitors and get your ideal client talking about you, and more importantly buying from you!

Once you’ve made the epic first impression with your logo, your branding needs to create the experience for your ideal client. Think about what makes you always buy the same brand, or visit the same coffee shop – that’s what your branding can create for you. The logo is just a signpost, it’s what the rest of the branding makes you feel, which builds the love for the brand.

Clients want to know that you’re going to deliver the best at every turn so your branding needs to match that standard, and consistency. I mean I’m sure you’ve all closed a website down because it ‘doesn’t look right,’ the colours are off, or the copy doesn’t read well for what you’re after. That’s all branding, and it can make people switch off before they get to know you and your amazing ideas.


It’s an age old saying, but ‘people buy from people.’ And we love it here at Branding by Nicki. It’s so true and a sure-fire way to build loyalty around your brand. A beautiful logo on its own can’t do that. But your branding can do the lot. From your personality, to your brand values and the psychology of colours, every little decision adds to the story around your brand, making your ideal client care that little bit more. That can often be the thing which sets you apart from your competition.

So, your branding designer, or studio, should always get to know you, and what makes you tick, before anything else. Why did you start your business? Where do you want to take it? Who’s your ideal client? Where do they live, work and even shop? How old are they? By understanding these points, you can craft an authentic and consistent story through your branding, that customers will relate to across every platform.

So, in summary, always remember the bigger picture. Everyone loves a logo, me included, and it can really boost your brand recognition. But what will really sell you, and your company is what people associate with your brand when that stunning logo catches their eye. It needs to be the full package, running through all your communications and reflecting YOU.

That will mean that whenever your ideal client speaks to you, buys from you or even likes one of your posts, they’ll just want to keep coming back for more. And when you reach that point, the word of mouth will spread and you’ll make it happen.

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