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VISIBILITY. A word I’m sure we’re all hearing a lot right now. And I mean A LOT. It’s a real buzzword in the entrepreneurial world, our world, at the moment. I know for a fact that I use it a lot, and it’s one of the biggest tips I give to my coaching clients. But you know what, unlike a lot of the buzzwords out there, I think this one is absolutely crucial to success. That’s why with this post I wanted to break down my 5 ways to get visibility, fast.

So fast, that you could be boosting your engagement and leads by the time you read my next blog post (well, that’s the plan anyway). So why is it so important to be visible? Well, as the old saying goes, people buy from people. We are all unique and we all have amazing personalities to share. Personalities that will resonate with our ideal clients. Because at the end of the day you, me, in fact we, are the X factor behind our brand. Lots of people make wedding cakes, or are creative make up artists, but none of those people are you. None of them have what you have inside. Plus, when you think about the know, like, trust factor, if you’re not visible, no-one’s going to know who you are. So you’ve got no chance of getting them to like you or trust you. Simple.

But when they see you, and hear you, and you add value to their lives and their business, that’s when you’ll start to win them over. Guaranteed. That’s when you’ll convert them to return customers, and that’s when they’ll recommend you to other people. In no time you’ll become their go to expert, and that is where we all wanna’ be, right?

Let’s get stuck into these tips.



Following on from the end of my little intro, tip number 1 is all about backing your expertise. You’re here, doing what you’re doing for a reason. You have talent, you have knowledge, experience and ideas, so share them. You know what your clients are looking for so show them that you can deliver it. The more you position yourself as an expert, and the more confident you are in what you’re saying, the more they’ll like you. Why? Because you’re helping them. You’re putting them at ease. They will know they’re in safe hands. And that right there, that’s trust.



You know what, being more visible can be scary. I get that, I’ve been there, and it was for me at first. I’m sure I’ve told you the story of my nervous blink. Every time I went live it felt like all I was doing was blinking. But you have to embrace that. You have to just go for it. The more you put yourself out there, the more confident you’ll be. You’ll start to show your amazing personality, and you’ll find a style that works for you. And if anything goes wrong, or you forget your train of thought just style it out and carry on. Trust me, when that camera’s rolling and people are tuning in, you’ll be surprised at how fast you think on your feet. Plus, the more you can adapt to moments like that, the more relatable you’ll be for your audience. No-one’s tuning in expecting a slick, perfectly read news broadcast, they want to see, hear and get to know the real person behind the brand.



No, not what’s the point of getting more visible, that’s an easy one. I mean, what’s the point for your audience? Why should they tune in and stick around? What value are you adding to your clients lives and businesses? Because suggesting solutions to the things your ideal clients are struggling with, and nailing it, is a sure-fire way to position yourself as an expert. It’s the fastest way to build that reputation, and become the go-to person in your niche. Plus, what’s great is knowing the point gives you a structure for every Live. Rather than feeling like you’re rambling on, which will not only put you off, but mean that your ideal clients switch off, you’ll know all the points you want to cover. You can hit them in an efficient, engaging and actionable way. Remember, THEY don’t have to watch you. But YOU have to stop the scroll, YOU have to grab their attention, and once you’ve got it, YOU have to make it worthwhile for them. If it is, they’ll be back, trust me.



If you want to stay on point on social, creating a weekly content plan is a must. It means you know what assets you need to post on which day, and enables you to create the copy and post at the time that gets the best engagement with your ideal client. No longer will you be scrambling around trying to find something to post, or sharing things that aren’t on-brand. And visibility plays a huge role here. Why? Because you can schedule Live time. You can use the things in your content plan to shape the topics you feature in your Lives. Plus, if you’ve scheduled it, you are making yourself accountable. You know you should be going Live at 8am on Wednesday, so you can prepare for it. There won’t be any more of that, ‘oh, I’ll get more visible tomorrow’ or ‘yeah, maybe next week.’ Plan the time in, plan the content and hit that Live button. You won’t regret it.



Now I know, throughout a lot of this blog I’ve talked specifically about Facebook Lives. But they aren’t the be all and end all. They certainly aren’t enough when it comes to visibility. You have to show who you are in other ways, across other touch points. Just like your business and your brand. That could be Instagram Stories, where you share the same tips you feature in your Lives, or show what you’re getting up to. You could tell parts of your story through video content. Or you can get your brand photography on-point across your website and social. Then there’s networking events, and of course, PR. What I’m getting at is that there are lots of ways to boost your visibility. Don’t limit yourself to just doing Facebook Lives. Think about what your audience want to see, and then show up. Bring the energy, share your passion, show off your personality. They will love you for it.


And that, as they say, is that. Short, sharp and designed to get you as visible as possible, as quickly as possible. Start putting some of these into action and I’m sure you’ll see the results become a reality. Just back yourself, believe in yourself, and most importantly, be you. Good luck.


Nicki x

P.S. If you’d like more visibility tips or more tips in general, plus advice, support, accountability and inspiration from other like minded female entrepreneurs then my free Facebook community, The B Studio, will be right up your street. Check it out, and I look forward to seeing you over there soon >>>>>>>>>>>>


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